Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God Blesses in abundance

Today Corie and I met with Alex Seeney and Ben Koch this morning to talk about our financial situation. God has brought us to a point of new direction with Him. The Covenant Community is looking to bring us into a form of common purse with us that would ease our financial struggles. The details are more than I will explain on here but if you want to know more you can ask. We are so blessed to have a God that loves us so much that He would say I want to heal your heart and grow you closer to Me by putting you around people that can help with their blessings of money because they have been good stewards of their money something we struggle with. After the meeting and the good eats of French toast Corie went to school and I went to Gladstone to cook homemade Apple sauce with my Great Grandmothers recipe. It was a good time and then I watched Monsters vs. Alien's with Nate Stradford it was a really funny movie good spoofs for the adults of 80's movies.

For tonight we are headed to the Annex for dinner to celebrate Justin Fay's new job and have a great time with friends. I made Apple sauce for them as well.

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