Monday, October 26, 2009

This weekend

This weekend was pretty good. Friday I worked and there was nothing bad about that. Saturday Corie and I went to pick up our Edible Arrangements which were free and then we tried to go to a Corn Maze with friends but after driving a really long time to get there we found a sign saying Closed due to being to wet. So we turned back around and as we were driving back we say a kangaroo at a farm so we stopped to see if we could see them up close but the owners were not home so we kept driving. We then decided to stop at the movie theater to see a movie but none of the movies we wanted to see where playing soon enough for us to go see one. That night Corie hung out at home and I went to a Friends (McNeely's) to watch the UFC fights on pay per view. They were good matches but the main event was a let down. Sunday was good we went to church and I was a greater for Joe Carlin and then we went to the store to by some food, went home and cooked lunch and watched football. The Colts won 46-6, Steelers won 27-17 and the Bengals won 45-10. Hung out go the night and went to bed after rearranging the bedroom. So in all a great weekend and the great start to the week. I really see God blessing us greatly this week.

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