Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Beginning!!

Hello to all my family and friends. I hope that you will all stop by here and comment. I am going to be posting pictures and anything that pops in my head during this new time in our lives. On May 16th we found out by home pregnancy test that Corie is pregnant. We are very excited, nervous and scared but ready for the challenges ahead and feel that the Lord is preparing our hearts for this new adventure. We have our first doctors appointment on June 1st at For Women Inc. They came highly recommended by many women that Corie knows from school. I know that many of you have questions mainly when is Corie due and truth be told we don't know and that is one of the things we are anxious to find out on Tuesday. The past two weeks have been exciting and a bit of a blur all at the same time. I have been so excited I tell about anyone I know we are pregnant. Some of them respond with "you already told me, but I am very happy for you". One of our friends Dianne Wente kept hugging me over and over again, it was very uplifting. For those of you who don't know who Dianne is she is a great woman here in Cincinnati that gave me a job riding one of her bike taxi's when I was let go from my youth ministry during the first month of Corie and I's marriage. Her and Farley have been such a blessing to us. My mother in law and sister in law freaked out on the phone and screamed so loud when we told them that I thought I was going to buy a new phone because the speakers seemed to break. Kinda bummed that did not happened would love to have an excuse for a Droid Incredible. My parents were on skype with us when we told them and my mom said "well I guess it is time to start shopping" I am curious to see what they bring down fathers day weekend when they are here for the Royal vs. Reds game. This will be the first grand baby for Corie's mom and dad and the third grand baby for my parents. The two boys Mason and Collin are getting big and Mason was not sure what to think when he was told he was going to have a cousin. Well I think that is all the info I have for everyone for now. If you have questions let us know. We are going to Baby registering this weekend. Corie is so excited to for this and so am I. I love to shop.
God Bless you all,


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