Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Today was Memorial Day. This day means more to me since I enliste in the Navy back in 2008 and I have a greater appreciation for all those who are serving and have served and what they sacrificed. For those that know I was in the Navy for only about 7 months with the last month being in Boot Camp. I was very ready to serve my country and then was told while up at Great Lakes that I have Keratoconus in my right eye. This was why I was sent home from the Navy. When I got home memorial day 2009 was weird because I knew in my heart that I was a vet even though I did not serve in a war situation. I did however enlist during a time of war and did what many have not done but those who felt called and were brave enough to except the calling to go and join the military. Last year my sister in law told me that "Memorial Day is your day too, I know you would go back into the Navy if you had the chance to go back" I said yes I would. Now a year later I am so happy to say I served in the military for a short time and feel a great since of honor in pride in these feels. Many people might not think that I can say these things but all I can say is at least I tried to serve but because of things beyond my control I was denied the chance to serve. So I say all that to say Thank you to my fellow SEPs and fellow military brothers and sisters for your sacrifice. Here is a list of all those who I know that have served or are serving.
Charles Walker- Navy (Deceased)
Bob McGraw- Navy
Charles Lusch- Navy (Deceased)
Jessie Scipio- Navy (Active)
Clayton Grafton- Navy
Larry Vinson- Army
Greg Clark- Army (Active)
Josh Blankenship- Army
Jefferey Shoemaker- Marines (Active)
Christopher Scher- Air Force
Tom Scher- Air Force
Brock Lusch- Navy
Brett Rooker- Navy
Andrew Scheuer- Navy
Nathan Marcotte- Navy
Cecil Helton- Navy
Paul Snyder- Navy

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