Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1st Doctor's Visit

This is not a picture of our baby!!
Today was Corie's first doctor's visit. This was an interesting and exciting time for us. We walked into the office For Women Inc. and started filling out paperwork. I already felt like I was in foreign territory but I had fun sitting there with Corie and talking and laughing about the baby doing goofy things in the womb like bungee jumping, acting like a mission impossible person or a circus act and just running around the womb like on a wall. Then we got called into the doctors room and the process started. Questions about family and personal history, no problems to be really worried about. Then started the examination, I made fun of the paper gown with comments like trying to use it as a Kleenex to blow my nose with, and as a napkin to clean up imaginary spots. Corie was laughing which was good and then when the doctor came back in we got to see the baby's heart beating like a little strobe light. It was so cool. We did not cry like most thought we would but I have a feeling that will come when we get to hear the heart beat. It is the size of a small bean so we are calling it Peanut right now. The whole experience was so real and exciting and we are glad to be getting to share it with you all.

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