Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time Flies...

Typically that is followed by when you are having fun. Well, that is partially true anyway. Closer to reality though is that Brock and I have just been so busy that we have practically forgotten our blog. My apologies to those who do keep up with us.

And now the update...

In February Brock started a new job working as an assistant manager at Scarlet and Gray Cleaning, a janitorial company which cleans schools all over Cincinnati. He is working in the Mariemont School district.

Corie is getting ready to start up another year of her Masters of Art and Counseling. She has an internship in Middletown, OH. She is also working as a grad assistant for Rick Bullard the Geology professor at CCU and is working on saturdays at Findlay Market at Colonel D's a Gourmet Herb's and Spices.

Now for some crazy news: Corie and I have been living at a house since February with 5 single guys. We had our own bedroom and bathroom we shared the living room and kitchen area. It was a 6 month agreement that would end at the end of July. As it is now August decisions have to be made. After a time of prayer and fasting we felt the Lord leading Corie and I to a season of wilderness and unity. I know to most this sounds odd but I can explain.

For anyone that is learned in the bible the wilderness is a place where the Lord moves people to teach his people and refine them to grow closer to Him. So we are going into a season of this by moving out of the Cornerstone house where we have been this past 6 months. The Unity comes into play in that we are going to be moving into an apartment with a good friend. It will be a challenge with space but we all feel this is where we are to be for this time. Now for some sad news.

Dexter can not come live with us. The apartment complex is a dog free zone. They allow cats but not dogs. So for the time Dexter is going to stay with someone else. We have not decided on who yet but I am sure it will be known soon. This is sad but sometime sacrifices have to be made and this is a small one to move closer to saving money to be able to have our own house.

This is all taking place really quick but that is exactly how the Lord has dealt with all our moving situations in the past so this should be no different. We will be moving into the apartment on Sunday Aug. 14th.

Please pray that this is a smooth transition, that we would have a calming spirit about Dexter and that we would feel confident with who he stays with. Also that we would not be anxious and would stay at peace with this decision. We want to honor the Lord in this season.

This means that the title of the blog will change again and stay tuned for more updates. Hopefully more regularly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Traditions

This year Corie and I decided to stay in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. For Thanksgiving we went to Howard and Jennifer Bullard's home in Rushville, IN. We have become good friends and feel they are very much apart of our spiritual family. Jordan and Lindsay the children of these fine people have become like adopted siblings of ours. For Christmas this year I had to work Christmas morning but Corie and I opened gifts in the afternoon when I got back home.
But the week before that we were blessed with a visit from Corie's mom and dad and my mom and dad. We got to spend 3 days with Corie's parents and about a day with my parents but it was such a sweet blessed time. With everything medical that happened this year it was good for the mom's to get together and be with Corie. Me and the dad's had fun talking about cars and tractors. For New Year's we are going to hang out with our friends the Hatfield's. The last time we celebrated New Year's together we all almost got arrested for having more than two people in a room with our shoes off. One of those crazy Ohio laws still on the books. Should be a good time of friends and games. Corie and I both have to work New Year's day but I have to be into work at 6am. Yeah for me :( but happy for a job.
Even Dexter got into the Christmas Spirit.
For New Years Eve Corie and I went to Niki and Caleb Hatfield's and had a great time hanging out with old and new friends.