Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Literally the Emotional Roller Coaster...

Today marks week 11.  

I'm still feeling nausea, exhaustion and the newly added roller coaster of emotions.  I haven't been sleeping well either which only makes the emotions a bit more chaotic.  (sigh)  I am normally a fairly level headed person and I've learned over the years to control my emotions for the most part.  Oh but this week has thrown me for a huge loop.... 

One moment I am happy and excitedly looking forward to little babe joining us and the next I'm sunk and crying over the littlest thing.  Pregnancy is not a easy endeavor and I have had a rather relaxed one thus far; fortunately no throwing up or scary things happening.  I guess this week has just thrown me for a loop.  

I'm positive that Thursday's ultrasound and doc appointment will help me to level back out; to get out of this storm of emotions but then we will just have to wait and see.

In the mean time my amazing husband is helping me out in every way possible.  After Brock got off work he picked up a card, flowers, and M&M's to lift my spirits.  He said, "I figured that if you are going to be emotional it might as well be because of something good."  

:-)  He also finished the laundry that I had started earlier and as I type he is multitasking - doing the dishes and cooking dinner.  I could not ask for a better husband.  And I know he prays for me when I don't have the will power to do so myself.  He is a FIGHTER.  I am ever blessed by the Lord through this man I get to call my husband.  

So to you Brock and Jesus I saw THANK YOU, for when I am weak you are both strong supporting me.  

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