Thursday, August 9, 2012

I thought it was time for some tummy pics...

I'm almost 14 weeks (which means 2nd trimester :-D) and I just have not had the desire to take any belly pictures as of yet.  I actually lost some weight during the first trimester but I figured that it was time to get a couple shots as my baby bump should start to pop soon.  So here are a couple pictures that my sweet hubby took for me.  Believe it or not this really isn't more than my normal belly posture.  Pre-Pregnancy, I typically attempted to dress so that my stomach is not accentuated as I am aware that some toning could be done, however, it is going to be unavoidable soon as baby will be evident.  I'm not sure how I am feeling about that just yet.

I know without a doubt I am NOT looking forward to people (known, strangers, and yes this includes family) who desire to touch MY tummy and attempt to feel the baby.  The stomach is a very intimate place on my body and the only person who EVER touches me there is my Husband, rightfully so.  I don't understand what compels other to believe they are welcome to do so....

Ok, so that was a bit of my soap box... And I obviously feel strongly about it and I am sure this will not be the last time I post about it...

In other news, I started this post before the 14 week mark and just didn't finish it.  I am now at 14.5 and still doing well.  I still have nausea which is more intense on some days than others.  I definitely lose my breath more easily and feel my heart race after just climbing the stares to our apartment.  The emotions are a bit more ridiculous as well.  I was watching a documentary about the National Parks, listening to a man talk about taking a picture of his daughter in the same place he had taken a picture of his wife several years before and I just wanted to bawl....  Same thing happened with the Olympics.  Ugh...

I have also officially had my first craving.  Previous to yesterday, I didn't really crave food but when someone mentioned different foods they all usually sounded so good.  Last night I was in the room by myself and I desired some Krispy Cream Donuts, normal glazed melt in your mouth addicting goodness (AKA - Christian Crack - YUM!).  I have not had these in years.  It was 10:45pm.  I asked Brock to get some for me and he denied my request.  Let's be honest.  I really didn't need them and it was probably for the best that he did not buy them as I am sure I would have finished an entire box by myself.  My entire body after all is a giant sweet tooth.

I am also sharing a few pictures of the two onesies that Brock and I have been given for our babe.  The first was given to use during our first pregnancy by Brock's parents and we decided that we were going to use it for this baby.  Once the little one is old enough to understand we are also going to explain how it had actually belong to it's older sibling.  Oh it's going to be so good.  The second is from my sister Jessie who has been in the Navy for many years and recently sent this gem.  I had had a very long day and when I saw this I shed a few tears.  Both of these have inspired an event that I want to do at any baby showers that are given to me and that is to have a "Cutest Onesies Contest."  Of course the winner will be completely dependent upon what Brock and I think but that is part of the fun. ;-D

In some non-baby related news I have been studying for my National Counselors Exam which is the exam I must pass to become a Professional Counselor with a license.  I am feeling confident at this point in the process and everything that I have studied previously is coming back.  Thank You Jesus for Retention and Recall!  I am also being supported and prayed for by my church community, family and wonderful husband.  They are amazing people and I am thankful they are a part of my life.

Stay tuned to see if I pass or not, what if any new jobs are on the horizon for me, and next month's adventures which promise to be extremely exciting.
I'm so ready for September!

Blessings and Love
Momma Lusch

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