Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Unexpected...

15 weeks... still not much there.
Monday August 13

Today I went to the doctor unexpectedly. I am experiencing some symptoms of an infection and the doc wanted to double check that I don't have a UTI. I have also had a migraine for the past 2 days now and wanted to know what was safe for me to take to get rid of it. So off to the doc I went. Thankfully they were able to see me today. I was originally scheduled to see the doc on thursday anyway so we wrapped it all into one.

I arrived on time but the doc was 30 minutes behind. It happens not a big deal. I went in and the doc put the machine on my tummy so I got to hear the heartbeat of my little babe. Wow, what an amazing sound. It was so encouraging but it was hard to enjoy it completely as Brock was not with me and I'm battling this stupid migraine. I was told that the heartbeat sounded healthy and strong by the doc. She also was able to give me some meds for the infection as well as for my migraine. According to their records I have lost another pound. The doc said she wasn't terribly concerned by this as I have not been throwing up, I'm eating regularly, I'm exercising on a regular basis as well, and I started out at a higher weight anyway. Another blessing that I did not think possible during pregnancy, weight loss.

I scheduled our next appointment for September 13 during which we will have another ultra sound and hopefully find out the gender of our little Lusch. We are excited and cannot wait.

-----Continued on August 16...

In other news... I PASSED MY NATIONAL COUNSELOR EXAMINATION! I am now one step closer to my actual license. I have a lot of paper work to get organized and another background check to complete/pay for. I should have it soon but we will have to wait and see.

Brock and I are also very excited to be heading to Manmouth Cave and Cumberland falls next month as well. This is the normal fall field trip that we participate in and enjoy very much. And the weekend following the trip we get to celebrate with our friends as the join in the covenant of marriage. September is going to be a great month to say the least! I can't wait for it to get here. 

In other aspects of life; I am passing the knowledge that my Aunt Connie taught me so long ago with the basic stitches of crochet onto others around me. It is great fun and I love seeing their progress. This is a hat that I just completed and I asked Brock to model for me. He was sweet and obliged my request. Then he proceeded to ask for one for himself to match his Scarlet and Grey work outfits. :-D He makes me so happy. 

Well, I think that's all folks.
Blessings from Momma Lusch. 

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