Saturday, September 15, 2012

19 week Doc Appointment and PICTURES!

We had our 2nd ultra sound on 9-12-12.  Our little one was ever so cooperative and allowed us to discover the gender.  I was thrilled with how amazing it is to be able to see this tiny little human who currently call my womb home.  God's gifts to us are in this creation process is a great blessing!  We got a good review of the baby and how it's is doing.  We saw the heart and blood flow patterns, the brain and abdomen, as well as arms, legs, and feet!  Such a cool experience.  So the big news.....

Can see his Penis between 2 Plus signs... The ONE and ONLY TIME I will post this picture! 

Our little guy weighed in at 10 oz, which is right on track with where he is supposed to be.  And the only potential for problems would be the left side of the heart but we don't think this is actually a concern; more that the Dude wouldn't allow for a good picture of that portion.  This, however, may mean a 3rd ultra sound if the reviewing doc is concerned.  I don't know about you but I cannot think of a down side to a 3rd medically necessary ultra sound.  Another chance to see our little boy before he is born.... YES PLEASE!  

The doc was happy that I am still below my original weight in at my first appointment.  She said that she was not concerned with this as we are only about 1/2 way through and baby looks great.  The other reason she is not concerned is that while my gag reflex has increased, I have not gotten sick once during the pregnancy.  

After our appointment, we headed to Babies R Us as we wanted a special balloon to place on the porch of our communities meeting place to share our news with our friends.  We found a few items that we LOVED and had fun in those few moments and then it was off to work!

The rest of our pictures for your enjoyment...

Brock got a balloon to place on the Porch of our churches
Meeting place to let all of our friends know.  

Foot #1

Foot #2
Face on the Left, Belly on the Right


Some pictures we have taken over the past weekend and Brock showing off his artist abilities with the camera.

Another Onesie for our Cutest Onesie Contest... from a wonderful woman.  
Finding Nemo (Disney).  Our little guy will look great in this one!

I hope you have enjoyed this Photo Bombed post.  More to come as this weekend will be our annual Geology trip and our 19 week baby bump pictures... 

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