Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Counting the ways... 19 weeks...

I was reflecting upon some of the happenings today and all of the different things have been accomplished today.  I just wanted to take some time to count all the ways that my wonderful and sweet husband has loved me over the past couple of weeks.  I cannot express how thankful I am for him as he has served me.  Pregnancy takes a lot of energy and affects me in ways that are generally unexpected after 9 hours at work.

Brock has stepped up in so many ways... (in no particular order)

- done all of the laundry and brought it home
- taken care of Dexter more times than not including bathing him
- brought me a craved items at work and ate lunch with me
- cleaned the entire apartment multiple times
- cooked
- grocery shopping
- running errands
- bought me some new insoles and clothes
- attended every possible doctor's appointment
- allowed me to sleep at extra moments when possible
- worked a full time job
- given massages when sore
- read to when unable to sleep
- allowed me to sleep where necessary to be comfortable
- surprised me in many ways on many different days
- prayed for me and baby
- encouraged when feeling horrible
- helped me to laugh when down
- driven me to work many times
- planned and was ok with canceling date night since I didn't feel well
- compliments when I need them most and sometimes just because
- has been/is ever so patient in all matters

And more...
I need to add one small note:  he has done all of this without once complaining that I remember.  I am ever so very thankful for this man.  I cannot ask for anyone better as my husband or father of my little babe.  So my Public Thank You...

Thank You Brock for loving me in all these ways and more.  I really couldn't do life without you.  I love you!

In Baby news...
Today begins week 19 and we are headed to see the doc tomorrow for our second and most likely last ultra sound.  I cannot wait to find out what if babe is a boy or girl...I'm praying that babe cooperates.  Then it's off to work, back home to pack and get ready for our annual geology trip... Ever so excited for Wednesday Morning and Thursday Morning!...
To be continued later with a 19 week picture, trip pictures, and gender revelation... stay tuned.

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