Monday, October 8, 2012

20 ... Getting Bigger and Celebrating a Marriage!

One of the few pics of us.
I do.
Gosh, I'm behind on my updates.  Brock and I have been so busy these past couple of weeks and both of us have been dealing with sinus/cold issues as the weather changes (as I am sure so many others are as well).  Anyway, this does not help the desire to sit down and blog each week.

Right after the ceremony.
20  weeks involved Brock as the Best Man in our dear friends Wedding; Mr. and Mrs. David Borton.  I tagged along for the weekend and offered my services wherever needed and found that they were needed in many ways.  I knew that having someone around as a extra person was an invaluable commodity as this had been the case at my own wedding.  My wonderful Friend, Heather Vinson, served me in many ways that I do not even know and one which was extremely important.  She got us lunch!
Making it "legal"

Anyway, I also brought along a friends nice camera and took pictures at will as after all it is a wedding and you can never have too many pictures from that one ever so special day.  And there were 2 other official photographers present as well.  I just wanted to get some shots that they may not have gotten and I am positive that they have many I did not get either.  I played the roll of unofficial wedding coordinator and I had so much fun.  It was a difficult weekend for me personally though as I was up on my feet way more than normal and when pregnant this can be an issue.  I pressed through and loved every moment of serving Val and David.  And even with the bumps along the way it was a wonderful event.  I would do it all over again in a heart beat as I love this couple.  A few of my favorite pictures from the weekend....

Welcome to the Club.

Auntie Val and "Bean".
MMM Cake!
Week 20
 Week 20 also brought some severe sharp pains in my belly.  It was hard to even move around.  I dismissed it as being part of the normal pregnancy pains that come and go throughout the experience and went to work anyway.  I came home early that day and the pain did subside for the most part, however, my WISE husband insisted that I call the doctor.  We ended up going in for a check up as the doc just wanted to make sure all was well.  She stated that everything was looking great, babies heart sounded strong, and all else was right where it should be.  She said that most likely what was occurring were the natural muscles pains as my belly expands and unfortunately there is not much one can do for this.

Doc was encouraging and was pleased with how well we were doing as a whole.  She also said that she was glad we came in to get checked even though there was nothing wrong as she said it is always better that it be nothing that something important.  I am ever so please with my Doc's!

More to come as I catch up on weeks 21 and 22... Stay tuned.

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