Thursday, October 4, 2012

19 weeks Pop!

There is so much to write about... I am full of stuff to say and not a lot of space...  So I apologize in advance if this is a bit lengthy.  I thought that maybe after I graduated from my master's program that life might slow down a bit and I would have some more time available.  That happened for all of about 3 months and now I feel busier than I did when taking a full load and working several part time jobs.  Funny how all of that happens.

Brock and I were able to go on our annual Geology Field trip two weekends ago.  I was really surprised at how well everything turned out.  I was asked to drive one of the vans, which was actually perfect for me as I would have had a really upset tummy the whole time.  I got to get to know some really nice people in my van and to hang out with some oldies but great ones.  Rick, David, Val, Jordan, Jeremy, Brian, Daryl, and of course my handsome hubby were all a part of this wonderful adventure.  I so enjoy getting to know each of them a little more each trip we take.  We had so much fun, hiking, learning, chatting, enjoying the fires, cooking, and just hanging out.  This trip really does have a sweet spot in my heart and it is ever so enjoyable to accomplish each year.  I feel like fall can officially begin now that I have been surrounded by nature and college students.  Of course this trip will begin to look different for Brock and I each year as our son comes into the world and grows each year. I am curious to know where this will lead us.  I hope that we will be able to continue but then we will see.

The trip began Thursday Morning and concluded on Sunday evening.  Something that truly amazed(s) me about being pregnant is the rapid growth that occurs.  Friday night I went to bed with barely anything visible for being 19 weeks pregnant and Saturday morning this little boy decided to make himself known to the world.  My belly "POPPED!"  Everyone could tell around me.  It was a shock to say the least.  I didn't know that was part of the process.  Crazy!  I was able to make it through the trip with little side effects, no extra bathroom breaks, and lots of extra sleep.  I enjoyed every moment.  I also start to make the lil champ a sweater.
This is the style I chose.  I am using a dark blue and orange.  It is taking longer than I planned so I am happy that I already have a blanket complete for the lil dude.  

We returned home after this long weekend and just stayed home the rest of the night.  Awe, bliss.  Ate some sushi and watched a little tv and then crash as the work week and week 20 was upon us.  

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