Monday, October 8, 2012

21... 8 Years and A date...

Week 21 has been a more relaxing experience as Brock and I have been able to just enjoy the week.  We spent Sunday out and about picking up a couple baby needs that Brock found on craig's list for us.  We then headed to check out the new Jungle Jim's, purchased a few things and then headed toward Cracker Barrel for dinner with our small group.  It was a lovely day but boy was I pooped at the end.  Nothing really happened during the week that I can remember anyway.

On Saturday, we got to enjoy the company of our dear friends the Hatfields.  Nikki and Caleb came to visit the Eastside, we shopped for some candles at Yankee Candle where the guys made me giggle as they held different lids up to each other's noses and said "smell this one."  He he.  They are wonderful husbands.  We then headed off to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant for some dinner.  MMMM so good.  Nikki was brave and tried and enjoyed some foods that she doesn't normally eat.  I loved the appetizer that I ordered, and each of us had a hard time finishing our dinners.  :-)

We were also celebrating the coming arrival of our lil dude, 8 years of Brock and I being together, just spending some good time with good friends and Caleb's first visit to the restaurant.  The waitress then blessed us with some amazing lemon cookies free of charge.  We had a little fun with our cookies.   Maggiano's never lets us down!

Sorry folks.  No belly picture this week.  Stay tuned though as there is always more to come. 

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