Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24 ... GOD IS GOOD!

24 weeks long and lean like a corn cob.
This week started with the glorious hands of one Rachel Richenbaugh.  I hired Rachel to give me a full body massage.  I knew it would be bliss as I have received a couple previously.  This time was amazing as well.  I highly recommend her for your next Massage as she comes to you, brings her table, music, and cream and pampers you in your own home.  AAAA a little piece of heaven!  Thank You Rachel for your blessed and beautiful hands.  You are AWESOME!  I am thankful to know you well and that I was able to receive your services!  God is Good!

Our Lil guy is now long and lean like a Corn Cob...  
This to me, is a funny image as my Dad is a farmer and thinking about my baby measuring up to Corn Cob makes me giggle.  He gained about 4 ounces and is just over 1 pound and roughly 12 inches long.  It amazes me that God created babies to grow in length long before they grow in weight.  He is growing proportionally and will soon enough add his Baby Fat!  Mmm can't wait to squish his baby fat. We are getting closer to the point in the pregnancy where He will soon be developed enough to survive outside of his womb with LOTS of help.  Granted Brock and I do not want to meet him early but it is encouraging to know that if something were to happen he could survive.  I am thankful for this.  

My Cuddle Buddy! So cute.
Knowing that our son could come early unexpectedly has me moving toward desiring to "nest."  Brock has really assisted with this as we have moved 95% of the storage items out of Lil Lusch's room which has been good.  We had to also rearrange our closet to accommodate the storage items.  This has been an annoying process for me specifically as I previously rather enjoyed how we had it set up.  I am thankful that we were able to move the stuff but it is hard as I feel like I am giving up part of my space and identity.  I know this probably sounds selfish and petty but it is something that has affected me in a minor way.  I am completely willing to make the change necessary to make room for our son but I cannot ignore the emotions within.  I am positive that they are a normal part of the process. 

I have been able to begin displaying some of the pieces that we already have for our son.  Some things like the blanket I have made him, a blanket from when I was a babe, and a toy or two.  It makes this entire process more real to me.  I need those little moments of reality.  Another one of God's graces as we prepare.  

This week also brought Brock's parents to Cincy on Saturday afternoon.  They brought homemade chocolate chip bars, YUM!  This was such a treat for us as we don't get to have family visit very often.  Brock and I cooked lunch and then the adventures began.  We first visited Jungle Jim's where each of us discovered something that we enjoyed.  We then headed downtown to the Red's stadium to find a good deal on some NL champs shirts.  We struck out but had fun taking some pictures and sharing in our mutual love for the Redlegs.  From there we headed to our favorite gourmet pizza - Dewey's.  OH SO GOOD!  We then stopped at Alms park to show off one of the views that Brock an I enjoy on a regular basis to watch the son go down, ride the stone slide and check out Lunken air port from above.  It was a beautiful way to end our time together.  

Brock and I also had a "discussion" about my automatic nesting habits which occur without me realizing it or involving my dearly beloved in the process.  Brock made it known to me that He greatly desires to help and be a part of making our baby's room ready for his homecoming in Feb.  He wants to be included in the decorating aspects and have a say is what goes where.  For this I am ever so thankful because it is just another way that my husband shows me that he cares/loves both me and baby.  I will never ask for a better husband.  

In some personal news.  The Lord has been teaching me to rely more on him.  And I was surprised this week with a Job opportunity in the Counseling field.  I saw the posting on facebook by a professor from CCU Sunday night and I called to inquire Monday morning and was given an interview for Tuesday morning.  I was really amazed by the the opportunity and how quickly everything happened.  I had not planned to look for a new job until after our little guy was born as I know that I do/will not qualify for maternity leave.  My plan was to deliver in Feb. Take a month or so to become more acclimated to having a son and begin looking again with the knowledge that it might take a while to gain some employment in the field.  The Lord surprised me completely by the way he works.  It seems that the past few experiences have been super fast when it comes to employment.  I am attempting to submit my big decisions to the Lord and those around me and it definitely is taking a lot more patience than I realized.  Waiting on the Lord and others is much harder than I am used it.  He is really pouring his grace out on me.  I don't deserve it but I am thankful for it. Stay tuned to see if the Job panned out or if I will be waiting on another opportunity.

And the Photo Bomb for the week... 

Brock was hanging out with Dexter and he said that this was the way that he was practicing for when he will be holding and cuddling and loving our son.  I couldn't resist but snap a few pictures.  


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