Tuesday, November 13, 2012

27: Doc Appointment...

This week I have been rather exhausted on a regular basis.  Sleeping has been more difficult as my joints adjust to both the weather changing and the gaining weight of baby.  I really think that my physical condition is due to this little guy growing bigger and bigger.  I am feeling like I have a torpedo belly right now.  We also had our monthly appointment this week.  We met another of the 7 doctors for which I am thankful as any one of them can deliver our son (depending on who is on call at the hospital that day).  She was a younger doctor but she was extremely nice and encouraging.  She said that most of the time patients hear the doc lecture about the need to exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest, but that she also wanted me to know that she was proud of my progress as I have only gained 5 pounds total over the past several months.  I was rather surprised and happy with this result.

The doc also reported that my glucose results had come back negative (aka: I passed the test) and I don't have gestational diabetes.  I was relieved as I did not want to have to take another more intense test.  All of the other things that they check on a regular basis looked great as well.  I am ever so blessed that my pregnancy has gone so well.

I had a few questions for the doc at this point in my pregnancy.  As I am sure that you all know the holidays are coming up quickly and the desire to see family has been growing quickly just like this little boy.  I wanted to know if I was able to travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  To my wonderful surprise the Doc said I can go for both.  The caveat is that every 90 minutes, I am required to get out of the car and take a 10 minute walk.  This means that our normally 7 hour drive will turn into about a 9 hour trip.  I am excited to see my family and thus it is worth the extra time it will take to travel.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone especially my brother as it has been quite a while and the new puppy my sister will be getting.  Our travels for Christmas will be much easier as it will only be a 3 hour trip but we are very much looking forward to it.  We head back to the doc in 3 weeks and then the every 2 weeks appointments will begin to occur at the 30 week mark.  It seems like just yesterday that we found out about this little guy.  

In other news, I discovered a rather bold and cute little mouse decided to come and steal some of Dexter's food.  I have only seen him 2x on one evening.  Not going to lie his cuteness was pretty great but cuteness does not warrant the gift of a home from me to Mr. Mouse.  I told Brock about our little visitor when he came home from work and we think we found his escape route so we blocked it and have not seen him again.  Doesn't mean he has gone away just not seen and there has not been any more evidence of his presence so we will just have to keep our eyes open.  

Dexter also received a new sweater for the cool season and he is looking rather GQ if I do say so myself.  And Brock has been fantastic in serving me in many different ways.  He is such a great husband and I'm so thankful that he is the Papa of my little guy.  All in all it has been a good and quiet week. 

And I tried a new recipe this week as we hosted our small group for lunch and a meeting.  

Irish Style Beef Stew

2 lbs stewing beef    1/2 oz of Onion Soup Mix    2 cups cubed carrots     2 cups Potatoes cubed
2 small cans of tomato soup     1 cup water     Salt and Pepper      I add several cloves of chopped garlic as well. 
Add it all to a croc pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Or High for 4 hours.
It turned out so good and everyone enjoyed it.  Brock and I prepped this the night before, stuck it in the fridge and cooked it in the morning.  I am thankful for the opportunity to expand our regular menu with new yummy items.  I highly recommend this meal for any cold day in. 

Next week brings the 3rd trimester and the possibility of Christmas Decorations... Stop back and see what we do. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

26: Exciting and Exhausting

Week 26 has been rather calm and uneventful; not much happening at this point.  I have had to do some research about the different health benefits that are covered in our current plan.  I was told that the items I was inquiring about were not covered.  This was a bummer at the time but I didn't really worry about it as it was not a necessary part of my care for pregnancy more of a preventative care item.

Insurance stuff can be so frustrating and annoying at times but I have found that patience is the key when it comes to anything dealing with the ins and outs of pregnancy.

The most exciting part of this week was taking a trip to visit our great friends: Larry and Heather Vinson and their four beautiful children.  They live about 3 hours from Cincy and this was a trial trip for me as I was not sure how my body would handle the drive at this point in pregnancy.  This was a "trial trip" because Brock and I want to head to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  The drive to my parents house would be 7 hours and I needed to see how the car ride was going to treat my body.  

We were blessed to be able to have the kids stay with their grandparents for the day and us four adults were able to enjoy some time together.    We headed to Brown County Indiana where we did some shopping, walking, and talking.  This was a wonderful time as the guys walked together and us ladies were able to chat as well.  Catching up with the Vinson's is one of the easiest things to do.  I feel like we never spend time apart.  Great friends!  While in Brown County we were able to visit the only shop that I truly wanted to visit:  The Holiday Shop.  Before Brock and I were married we visited this Christmas shop and found some really cute Bride and Groom strawberry ornaments which we promptly purchased and they have hung above our kitchen sink ever since.  I just couldn't wait to go visit the shop.  I had one main goal in mind and that was to find an ornament for our little guy as we had started this tradition with our first pregnancy.  Peanut was for Rose and Little Dear is for our little boy.  We were so excited when we found the Little Dear.  I am ever so pleased with this purchase.  

The second item that we found (which I was not expecting to find at all) was the advent calendar that I have been wanting to discover for many years now.  My mother-in-law, Beth, has one that I think is neat but I wanted something unique and fun.  I didn't really have a set idea in mind but I knew it had to be something that would last for years to come.  The Holiday Shop did not disappoint!  We found 2 that we absolutely loved!  One was in the shape of a Christmas tree and the second a a Christmas scene.  Both were a shadow box and the little compartments open so that we can put little treats in our countdown to Christmas.  I couldn't help myself and knew this was the calendar that I had been searching for over all these years. And because I want to share this with you all and I am so excited ...


This year Brock and I are going to split the days and add little things here and there to surprise one another.  I already have some good ideas for the little cubbies.  

After the Holiday Shop, we moved on down the row of shops and we visited another shop called...  The Backporch.  They have the most comfortable hand made wooden rocking chairs I have ever sat it.  I wish I had had the funds and ability to buy one for when the baby gets here.  I have never forgotten these chairs from the first time that Brock and I visited.  Maybe after the baby arrives we will be able to go back and get one.  We will see.  Brock also found a hammock that he enjoyed and a horse swing.  

We finished up our shopping and talking and dashing in and out of the rain and then headed to Bloomington so that Brock could show us around his old stomping grounds of IU.  He wanted to stop at this little gazebo where you are to bring the woman you want to marry and kiss here here.  Since we were not able to do so before we got married; Brock insisted we do so now.  He was like a kid running down memory lane and he was so happy to be back on that campus. (Thank you Larry for this Picture.)

Now it was time for DINNER!  Brock took us to this amazing pub called the Irish Lion.  They had some great food.  And wonderful atmosphere in this fantastic two story building.  I highly recommend going and enjoying the authentic Irish food.  Oh SO GOOD!

Brock got a yard of beer and the boys split an appetizer of oysters.  Unfortunately, Heather and I didn't get a picture of us together but that is not a problem.  

We concluded our adventures and headed to pick up the kiddos and headed to the Vinson's home for a good night of relaxation and rest before church in the morning.  

Church was very enjoyable and we unexpectedly were able to share about our own church community.  We enjoyed this process and meeting all of the new people.  Then headed back home for some lunch, sharing of a few gifts for the kids and more conversation.  All in all is was a wonderful time with great friends. 

Brock and I have been able to visit the Vinson's at each of the 5 churches where they have served.  It has become a bit of a tradition.  One thing that Heather said to me was: "It just doesn't feel like home until you guys come for a visit."  Made me so happy and I felt so loved by this simple remark from Heather.  I truly feel that We are family and for that I am so thankful.  God is so good to Brock and I for blessing us so.  

By the end of our 2 day adventure, I was exhausted.  Well worth the energy but golly I didn't realize how much I pushed myself. 

And for those who want the baby bump photo...  He is growing steadily and is about 1 and 2/3 pounds and 14 inches long.  He is a wiggle worm for sure. Only 14 weeks to go. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

25: Trusting Jesus.

Week 25; 13.5 inches; 1.5 Pounds; So Big :)
This week started with a bang!  I had an interview Tuesday morning and it went better than I could have imagined.  There were so many things that I instantly liked about the site.  I was encouraged by seeing the words "In God We Trust" as part of the brick work as I approached the door.  I was able to connect really well with the interviewer and found that we had several commonalities including our faith.  While the agency is not a Christian agency I was told that there are many christians who work there.  The agency serves 65 and older adults; their goal is to help these adults who have severe mental health diagnosis stay out of the hospital and at home.  This is going to be accomplished by working a program that has proven to be helpful at other places within the country.  While this was not the population I would prefer to work with, I cannot allow myself to close the door on the Lord by saying I will not work with this population.

I was open and honest about my current life transition of becoming a mother in February.  I was rather impressed with the interviewer and her excitement.  She seems like a wonderful woman and is working to get her supervisors credential which I will need her to have since I would like to get to the second level of licenser.  It would mean so much to me.  

Anyway, the interview was 2 hours long and I was rather surprised at the end of our conversation as she offered me a part time position right on the spot.  I was flattered by the immediate offer and rather blown away at how quickly this entire process had occurred.  You see, I saw the job post on Sunday evening, called to inquire about it Monday morning, and had the interview and job offer on Tuesday morning.  Wow, crazy how quickly it went.  I needed a moment to breath and pray.  I asked for a couple days to seek the Lord's will for my employment future.  With the prayers and encouragements of my small group, thursday morning I accepted my first paying position as a licensed counselor.  

Through this process, I am once again reminded of the Lord's great and continuous provision for Brock and I as we attempt to follow Jesus throughout each avenue of our lives.  The Lord knew that we would need more financial income as this little baby grows bigger and closer to his arrival.  

I have also learned that as I follow Jesus, he likes to bless me with the desires of my heart.  He has done this is many ways during my life.  Just a few ways this has happened so far include but is not limited to... the blessing of my husband, the gift and abilities to pursue a bachelors and then a master of arts at Cincinnati Christian University, Not one baby but a second and an open door for more children, and i'm positive that he will continue to bless me with these gifts in the future as there are still desires within.  I have been learning that if I am patient and willing to lay down these desires to follow him; he will most likely grant me my wishes in his timing not my own.  For this I am very thankful as his timing is far better than my own, yet another blessing.  This is a lesson in patience, trust, peace, and resting in the Lord all along the way.  It has not been easy but I do my best to seek his will and path for my life and along the way he pours out grace daily as I stumble regularly through the journey.  Oh what a journey it has been thus far.  I wonder where the Lord will take me next.  

In baby news,  I did my glucose test this week.  I knew that I would need to complete this task before my next appointment and I had heard nothing good about this test.  While I wasn't excited every pregnant woman in today's society does this test.  So I chose this week to get it done and out of the way.  I drank fluid that was much like an orange flavored soda but the more you drank, the worse it got.  Ugh.  I downed the fluid quickly and within that hour I had to have my blood drawn.  Not a difficult process but I really did not feel well as I had not had breakfast and could not eat until after the test.  I am glad that Brock was available to drive me to and from.  Oh what a fun day that was.  Either way, I made it over this uncomfortable bump in the road and now will be waiting two weeks until our next appointment for the results.  The question: do I have gestational diabetes or will I be free of this complication?  Stay tuned for the results.