Monday, November 5, 2012

25: Trusting Jesus.

Week 25; 13.5 inches; 1.5 Pounds; So Big :)
This week started with a bang!  I had an interview Tuesday morning and it went better than I could have imagined.  There were so many things that I instantly liked about the site.  I was encouraged by seeing the words "In God We Trust" as part of the brick work as I approached the door.  I was able to connect really well with the interviewer and found that we had several commonalities including our faith.  While the agency is not a Christian agency I was told that there are many christians who work there.  The agency serves 65 and older adults; their goal is to help these adults who have severe mental health diagnosis stay out of the hospital and at home.  This is going to be accomplished by working a program that has proven to be helpful at other places within the country.  While this was not the population I would prefer to work with, I cannot allow myself to close the door on the Lord by saying I will not work with this population.

I was open and honest about my current life transition of becoming a mother in February.  I was rather impressed with the interviewer and her excitement.  She seems like a wonderful woman and is working to get her supervisors credential which I will need her to have since I would like to get to the second level of licenser.  It would mean so much to me.  

Anyway, the interview was 2 hours long and I was rather surprised at the end of our conversation as she offered me a part time position right on the spot.  I was flattered by the immediate offer and rather blown away at how quickly this entire process had occurred.  You see, I saw the job post on Sunday evening, called to inquire about it Monday morning, and had the interview and job offer on Tuesday morning.  Wow, crazy how quickly it went.  I needed a moment to breath and pray.  I asked for a couple days to seek the Lord's will for my employment future.  With the prayers and encouragements of my small group, thursday morning I accepted my first paying position as a licensed counselor.  

Through this process, I am once again reminded of the Lord's great and continuous provision for Brock and I as we attempt to follow Jesus throughout each avenue of our lives.  The Lord knew that we would need more financial income as this little baby grows bigger and closer to his arrival.  

I have also learned that as I follow Jesus, he likes to bless me with the desires of my heart.  He has done this is many ways during my life.  Just a few ways this has happened so far include but is not limited to... the blessing of my husband, the gift and abilities to pursue a bachelors and then a master of arts at Cincinnati Christian University, Not one baby but a second and an open door for more children, and i'm positive that he will continue to bless me with these gifts in the future as there are still desires within.  I have been learning that if I am patient and willing to lay down these desires to follow him; he will most likely grant me my wishes in his timing not my own.  For this I am very thankful as his timing is far better than my own, yet another blessing.  This is a lesson in patience, trust, peace, and resting in the Lord all along the way.  It has not been easy but I do my best to seek his will and path for my life and along the way he pours out grace daily as I stumble regularly through the journey.  Oh what a journey it has been thus far.  I wonder where the Lord will take me next.  

In baby news,  I did my glucose test this week.  I knew that I would need to complete this task before my next appointment and I had heard nothing good about this test.  While I wasn't excited every pregnant woman in today's society does this test.  So I chose this week to get it done and out of the way.  I drank fluid that was much like an orange flavored soda but the more you drank, the worse it got.  Ugh.  I downed the fluid quickly and within that hour I had to have my blood drawn.  Not a difficult process but I really did not feel well as I had not had breakfast and could not eat until after the test.  I am glad that Brock was available to drive me to and from.  Oh what a fun day that was.  Either way, I made it over this uncomfortable bump in the road and now will be waiting two weeks until our next appointment for the results.  The question: do I have gestational diabetes or will I be free of this complication?  Stay tuned for the results.  

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