Tuesday, November 13, 2012

27: Doc Appointment...

This week I have been rather exhausted on a regular basis.  Sleeping has been more difficult as my joints adjust to both the weather changing and the gaining weight of baby.  I really think that my physical condition is due to this little guy growing bigger and bigger.  I am feeling like I have a torpedo belly right now.  We also had our monthly appointment this week.  We met another of the 7 doctors for which I am thankful as any one of them can deliver our son (depending on who is on call at the hospital that day).  She was a younger doctor but she was extremely nice and encouraging.  She said that most of the time patients hear the doc lecture about the need to exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest, but that she also wanted me to know that she was proud of my progress as I have only gained 5 pounds total over the past several months.  I was rather surprised and happy with this result.

The doc also reported that my glucose results had come back negative (aka: I passed the test) and I don't have gestational diabetes.  I was relieved as I did not want to have to take another more intense test.  All of the other things that they check on a regular basis looked great as well.  I am ever so blessed that my pregnancy has gone so well.

I had a few questions for the doc at this point in my pregnancy.  As I am sure that you all know the holidays are coming up quickly and the desire to see family has been growing quickly just like this little boy.  I wanted to know if I was able to travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  To my wonderful surprise the Doc said I can go for both.  The caveat is that every 90 minutes, I am required to get out of the car and take a 10 minute walk.  This means that our normally 7 hour drive will turn into about a 9 hour trip.  I am excited to see my family and thus it is worth the extra time it will take to travel.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone especially my brother as it has been quite a while and the new puppy my sister will be getting.  Our travels for Christmas will be much easier as it will only be a 3 hour trip but we are very much looking forward to it.  We head back to the doc in 3 weeks and then the every 2 weeks appointments will begin to occur at the 30 week mark.  It seems like just yesterday that we found out about this little guy.  

In other news, I discovered a rather bold and cute little mouse decided to come and steal some of Dexter's food.  I have only seen him 2x on one evening.  Not going to lie his cuteness was pretty great but cuteness does not warrant the gift of a home from me to Mr. Mouse.  I told Brock about our little visitor when he came home from work and we think we found his escape route so we blocked it and have not seen him again.  Doesn't mean he has gone away just not seen and there has not been any more evidence of his presence so we will just have to keep our eyes open.  

Dexter also received a new sweater for the cool season and he is looking rather GQ if I do say so myself.  And Brock has been fantastic in serving me in many different ways.  He is such a great husband and I'm so thankful that he is the Papa of my little guy.  All in all it has been a good and quiet week. 

And I tried a new recipe this week as we hosted our small group for lunch and a meeting.  

Irish Style Beef Stew

2 lbs stewing beef    1/2 oz of Onion Soup Mix    2 cups cubed carrots     2 cups Potatoes cubed
2 small cans of tomato soup     1 cup water     Salt and Pepper      I add several cloves of chopped garlic as well. 
Add it all to a croc pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Or High for 4 hours.
It turned out so good and everyone enjoyed it.  Brock and I prepped this the night before, stuck it in the fridge and cooked it in the morning.  I am thankful for the opportunity to expand our regular menu with new yummy items.  I highly recommend this meal for any cold day in. 

Next week brings the 3rd trimester and the possibility of Christmas Decorations... Stop back and see what we do. 

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