Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30... New Adventure in Counseling.

This week I started a new Job at Bridgewell Hospital.  It is a hospital for Psychiatric Geriatric patients.  On the first floor of the hospital is an in-patient unit and on the second floor is an intensive out patient/partial hospitalization program (IOP/PHP); which is where I work.

The program is brand new and we don't even have clients in the door yet but they are coming very quickly.  This first couple days are training and then we bring in the clients.  It is a crazy time but I am very excited to be a part of the program.  We will work with those who are severely mentally ill and the goal of the program is to assist them in managing their symptoms so that they do not have to be hospitalized.

I am nervous as this is the first paid position that I will have as a professional counselor and I never expected to work with the Geriatric population, but I cannot say no to the Lord when he has thrust a door as big and as wide as this open in front of me.  So I have agreed to be a part of the team and learn all that the Lord has in store for me. To say the least, I think it will be interesting.

So some more details...
I am a licensed professional counselor with a chemical dependency counselor assistant credential.  I will be working with the clients directly and serving them in multiple different ways.  I will facilitate anywhere from 1-2 groups in a day, provide individual counseling, assist with crisis management, and anything else that may pop up as necessary.

The team will run 4 groups in a day with breaks, lunch, and a fun activity factored into the schedule.  The first group is a goal setting group; 2 and 3 are educational/symptom management, and 4 is a process group.  I think it is going to be stressful and challenging but then what new job isn't at least for a while.  Check back in to see how life as a professional counselor suits me.

In baby news...
We had another appointment today and the doc told me that I have only gained a total of 11 pounds.  She was extremely happy with my progress and did not show any concerns.  So we will continue the routine of appointments and go from there.

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