Sunday, January 20, 2013

32 - So Busy.

32 Weeks: 3.75 Lbs and 16.7 inches.
Wow, I am 32 weeks.  It is crazy how quickly the time goes by.  I just cannot believe that in about 8 weeks my son will no longer be growing within.  

I guess I will start with the Baby News

This week he is moving much much more or at least I can feel bigger and more frequent movements.  Either way it is crazy to watch and feel both from the inside and the outside.  It really is amazing to go through this process.  The newest symptom is that my belly just itches all the time as lil Lusch continues to grow and stretch my skin.  Little tricks have helped to relieve this such as rubbing extra virgin coconut oil on my belly (courtesy of one Kathy Sprinkle!  Thank You!) And of course with this growth comes the ever growing general uncomfortableness due to continue increase as the weeks increase.  I am assuming that the Lord allowed it to be this way to let momma's know that this process must come to an end and give a bit of hope that it will come to an end.  

Brock and I also attended a birthing class this week.  I was not excited but it was great information to have.  I thought that being in a room full of pregnant women would cause more anxiety for me as I heard about their experiences and my fears creep up.  This was not the case at all (Thank You Lord)!  I was rather comforted by the room full of couples who were in the same life stage as Brock and I especially since I do not have anyone terribly close to me moving through this process currently.

I also feel like the little guy attempts to give me an internal massage on a regular basis but he has been illy trained as it usually does not feel relaxing as a massage should.  

I wonder what child birth would have been like prior to Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.  Was God's plan to have the earth populated via child birth before the fall?  Answers that I will not get while here as there is nothing to suggest it in the Word.  I am just in a rather pondering mood.  

Anyway, that is about all of the baby update for now.  Nothing too exciting but then there are those days where it is a choice to just keep swimming. 

On the Work front...
It is going better more recently.  I have one client in particular who attempted to touch my belly.  I was able to block her hand and explain that I do not randomly touch her belly so I ask that people do not touch mine.  She seemed to understand but I have a feeling she will probably forget this request and go for the bump again.  I will just have to keep my guard up around her.

I am enjoying my two jobs, however, Brock stated that if feels like I am back in Grad school again.  I am constantly busy and do not feel like I have had any time or energy for that matter to do anything when I return home from working my 9.5 hour days. I can understand why he has felt this way.  Hopefully, life will change some once our son is here and it won't feel like this all the time.  Only time will tell.

And on the Food Front...
This week I made Potato Soup.  Growing up this was a regular occurrence in the Grafton Household.  Mom would make it from a ver simple recipe of boiled potatoes, butter, milk, and some basic seasonings.  I decided to be a bit adventurous this week and add some flare to the pot.  Instead of using only milk in the broth (I am sure Mom did this because we didn't have any options) I added a couple cans of chicken stock, green onion, my regular spices of garlic, salt, pepper, and basil.  And to top it off just before enjoying the soup we added some crumbled bacon!  Oh my goodness it was so wonderfully delicious!  I am going to stick with these new additions from now on when making Potato soup.
I encourage all of you to try something new with your food.  After all it is the easiest way of adding a little adventure to your life without taking a huge risk.
Bon Apeptit. 

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