Saturday, February 9, 2013

35: Happy New Year... The Year our Son will be born.

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already the New Year upon us.  Brock and I got to spend the Eve with our good friends, the Hatfield's, the Douglass's, and a few other familiar faces.  It was a good evening/morning but boy was I tired when we got home.  I am thankful we got to enjoy the event as usual.  Lots of good food, games, the ball dropping, and a bit of belly watching as our lil guy did some dancing on his own.  Everyone seemed captivated by his movements.  It was funny to see their reactions.  

New Year's day, Brock and I got to have some lunch with more friends, the Reasor's, which was lovely as it seems like it has been so long since that has happened.  We then went on a mission in search of buying a new mattress and to check out a few bed frames that we had noticed on the web and were deeply discounted.  We were rewarded and found a mattress!  This was our Christmas Present to each other this year.  Praise the LORD for this blessing.  We have never had a new mattress and it was extremely over due.  I am sure it will take some getting used to but I think we made the right decision.  :-)  We were not as rewarded with the search for a bed frame.  Everything that we had found just seemed extremely cheaply made or out of our current price range.  Alas, we put a hold on the search until a date TBD.  One day, I will live my dream of having a matching bedroom set.  

In other news, I was pleasantly surprised this week as I was officially offered a permanent position at my data management position.  Previously, I was hired as a temporary employee.  Nothing wrong with this but it can be a bit unsettling to have a job that you really enjoy and know that at any moment that can state that they no longer need to fill the position you have been doing.  Thankfully, my hard work ethic/desire to not be bored at work paid off as my boss found an employee who wanted to work while others played games on the internet.  Of course it helps that I knew the company had an awesome reputation and several of my friends were already employed there.  God is ever so good to me and he is always providing in ways i do not imagine until they happen.  

This week was also a big week as my beloved husband, Brock turned 33.  We really did not celebrate too much this year as well, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and he had to work that evening.  However, by another provision of the Lord, Brock's awesome boss allowed him to get done with his work early on the 7th and because of this blessing we were able to go to a burger joint, watch the national college football championship and have dinner together.  Unfortunately, Notre Dame epically lost but it was a wonderful night to say the least.  

In baby news...
Jan. 7th was the due date of our first child and while she didn't make it there, I still wonder and think about her from time to time.  I am thankful for her tiny little spark of life that was with us so briefly.  And now, I am thankful for her brother who will be here before we know it.    He grows bigger every day and always has a strong/encouraging heartbeat at our appointments.  He should be about 18 inches long and 5 1/4 pounds, or the weight of a honeydew melon.  He is now at a birth weight that he could survive outside of me.  While I would love to give birth to a smaller babe as it would be easier, I would rather give him all the time he needs.  And it is looking like he will take all the time we will allow. 
Until next time... Happy readings and many blessings.