Friday, March 31, 2017

A Dog, a Toddler and Awesome Friends!

This week has been transitioning with much ease so far and I am feeling ready for when Hezekiah finishes up with his last week in daycare.

Today we hung out with our friends dog so they could enjoy a few days at the Gorge, because friendship and marriages matter to keep families strong. Even taking care of our friends kids fish. The dog is a very youthful and spunky dog and is a whole lot of puppy. Enjoying the beautiful weather was top priority today.

Me and the little one spent some time out walking around the the neighborhood and picking up the dress I dropped off at the dry cleaner for Corie.

A major blessing is our good friends the Carpenters who love us and our kids so much that they carve out time to bless Corie and I with a night out without kids to go to a concert.

We were invited to a benefit concert for the Underground a place I thought was only a concert venue but is so much more than that. This place is doing some great things for the future of the kids that may not have cared enough otherwise. The partnerships that they have forged and will continue to forge is going to be huge in growing the Kingdom for God.

Rend Collective is by far one of our favorite bands to worship to the Lord with. Getting to listen to them live was amazing. After the concert we got to have time with other adults without kids. It was an amazing time and all thanks to friends who were willing to let us stay out till much later than most would want to stay up on a work night.

Having friends like the Carpenters are so rare that they even bless use with encouragement through notes and letters left behind for us to find after they left for the evening. I have never known such friendship.

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