Monday, March 27, 2017

A New Chapter in Our Lives! Stay at Home Dad

Day#1 of being a stay at home dad. I think before I talk about what happened today I would like to tell you a little of how we came to this decision.

For as long as I can remember I have always thought it would be awesome to be able to stay at home with my kids. Corie would agree that I take care of the house very well so the idea was not a bad one. But we also knew that it was something we had no power over making happen on our own. So we always concentrated on just working and our family life situation and kept our focus on what God had planned out for our family. Corie and I for the past year were even blessed with the ability to get to work together in the same building during the time I worked at Fidelity Investments. It was a great experience and we have enjoyed our time of getting to see each other at work but things changed very quickly which seems to be how God likes to bring things to light with us.

Hezekiah has been attending a great day care for the past 3 years (literally 6 houses from us) and Ruby has been going to a friends house that was on the way to work with a 20 minutes off shoot from our work drive route. During H's time at Agape Kid Care he has flourished in so many areas. He is such a smart kid and know so many things. I always tell people that the day care is more like pre-school because of what he learns there. And that is why were surprised when we heard the news about what was going on at the day care.

About 2 months ago Hezekiah was sitting at the dinner table and he says "hey mama and papa, Addy and Brandie bought a new house" we were surprised by this and asked H what he was talking about. He restated what he just said and we asked him where he heard this. His answer seemed weird that he had heard it from Addy who is only 5. Corie then texted Brandie asking her if what H just told us was true. We heard nothing all night which is odd since Brandie is usually good at responding to our text messages in the past. (a little insight into this situation. I have know for a while that Brandie and Joe have been thinking about adopting again and new that it was going to involve a bigger house but did not think about the repercussions of their decision)

That brings us to the next morning. Corie takes H to day care and there are Brandie and Victoria waiting to receive H but when the question is brought up again there are tears in the answer given and some surprise. See the Carella's had bought a house in the summer around July and they were getting things fixed up before moving and also make the announcement public. When Brandie said there was no way that H could have heard this news from Addy it was clear to us what was going on.

See in the past when we had been caught off guard about having to make big decisions it was because we were not very well connected to God and his will for our family but this time we had been better equipt. So much to the point that our son heard from the Lord about what was going on. I know to some that might sound odd but I have seen where God has spoken to young children before so I was not surprised. Also loved Jesus so much that it would make sense that he would be open to hearing his voice. We all know the Father's voice it is how to recognize it.

Any way so we then had to figure out what to do and with the extra time to pray and consult others that is just what we did. I reached out to some very trusted friends to let them know the situation and to be praying about possible outcomes. Meanwhile there were things happening at work that I was frustrated with and had been questioning what was going to happen there. But after sometime of reflection I understood that the Lord was closing doors at work to make this possible. See the day care is providing a service that there is not anywhere else around us and also the price is within budget and after having looked everywhere last year for a place for Ruby and finding nothing close we found help further away and it has been a huge blessing. However the cost in daycare and gas adds up close to my paycheck so it would seem easier to just cut that out and trim the budget to be a SAHD.

After a couple weeks I spoke with those trusted friend and it was clear that leaving work to be a stay at home dad was the next step. It was not going to be easy to make a change to a single income family but our faith is strong and our village is just as strong.

So here it is the last week of March. I had my last day at Fidelity on Friday and today was day #1 of the new journey. It will be me and Ruby this week and then Hezekiah will be around starting next week. He is spending his last week with all his friends before the day care closes down.

It was very uneventful but it was a smooth start. See Ruby has a double ear infection and is teething pretty bad. So today was lots of cuddles and cartoons. But when she napped I did get the house in order including doing dishes, laundry and even made Lasagna from scratch. I don't know how often I will do this but I will try to keep posting about my life as a SAHD since a friend of mine suggested it. Also I think it would be a great outlet when times get rough. So stay tuned!

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