Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day #2: Perspective

So today started out with getting Hezekiah ready for daycare.  After dropping him off at daycare came home made myself some breakfast and enjoyed some nice French press coffee. After about 2 cups of coffee it was about 8 o'clock and I went in and checked on Ruby she was still fastest Leap probably due to the fact of either growing or the fact that she's teething and dealing with a double ear infection .  So I let her sleep for another half an hour while I am joyed my last cup of coffee by the time I was finished she was up and awake .

 I realize that not every day is going to have lots of excitement and I'm OK with that today was actually a day to get a few things done around the house and just enjoy spending time with Ruby.  She has quite the character and personality I think the thing that I love the most about her right now is the fact that she's really cute when she sees a dog she usually lets out a pretty loud scream to show her excitement .

 So after nap and lunch we went for a walk around the neighborhood talked to a few people and just enjoyed the ability to get out of the house. We got home let her watch a little bit of cartoons on PBS and all she wanted to do was hang out with me and  Play dress up by trying to put my hat on my head which was quite cute.

 Before we went and picked up H from daycare I was laying on the floor and she decided to lay down beside me for a little bit which was pretty funny because that moved into her getting up and then jumping on me so we had some fun playing before I cooked dinner and then I went to my boxing class .

 For the past three months I have not been able to go to the boxing group that meets on Tuesday nights that I had started going to back in the fall.  See in December I had a vasectomy and after the procedure I had complications and after a series of tests and pain medications and scans and an ultrasound everything came back normal and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  This was a little disheartening and so after some time I decided that I was going to give all the pain up to the Lord and let Him deal with it. I kind of figured that somehow someway it was connected to some sort of spiritual warfare that I was going through and the interesting  thing was that once I did that the pain went away and so I felt like it was time to get back into the boxing group so I went tonight.

 It was actually quite enjoyable though I knew I was gonna feel out of sorts but after some time of shadowboxing and body sparring we hit the mat for some full on sparring. I went up against a guy who is probably twice my size and body mass but I came up with a game plan that I was going to stay in my area  and not shy away from this big guy. I stuck to that plan and definitely took some good shots but got in quite a few good shots myself and felt pretty proud of myself. The guys from the group were a little concerned with the fact that I was staying so close to this guy but I held my own and felt like I came out on top so it was a good time.

 I'm beginning to feel more motivated to get certain things done especially building up the ability to spend time in the word and also spent time working on my physical properties like working out. I think the Lord's got some things to teach me and I'm actually very open to what they would be so the adventure continues.  Tomorrow Ruby and I are going to the zoo with some friends so I'm sure that'll bring on some more fun stories.

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