Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The First hill of the Roller Coast!

Monday and Today have been a learning curve I did not expect. I thought I had seen much of how my kids function by what the do during the weekend. I was wrong.

These two have been living a double life. During the week they would see us in the morning before daycare and then in the evening for a few hours before bed and hitting repeat the next day. But monday and today have been eye opening because it takes some juggling to keep these two out of trouble and focused on the tasks at hand. It sounds bad but it has a lot of silver linings. For starters, H has a clock in his room and I told him to not come down till it said 8 (I put a kleenex box in front of the other numbers to keep from confusing him). This may also seem like it is late for a kid but I can tell you we are blessed to have kids that like to sleep long and hard. It is only due to stupid day light savings time that this rule has to apply. He normally would sleep till the sun came up but when that is happening earlier it does not help. Ruby has had no trouble sleeping till at least 8:30 if not 9:00 due to her battle of in coming teeth and ear infections.

Monday consisted of debating on going to the Opening day parade which I decided not to go and was so bummed when the rain never came and it would have been perfect weather for a parade. But we wore our Reds gear and enjoyed time at the playground and then lunch and naps went well. The afternoon after naps consisted of hanging out at the house playing the fish game and watching the baseball game.

In the evening I planned our 10yr anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, ON. We are so excited to be able to do this partly because we have an awesome friend we consider another auntie to the kids and she has agreed to watch the kids for 4 days so we can go on this trip.

Tuesday every other week will have Corie being here in the morning since she does not go into work till noon or around 10 to make a little but extra money. But it was nice having her around this morning and the kids enjoyed having breakfast with all of us and getting a few extra cuddles in before work.

We spent the morning walking dexter around the neighborhood, hanging out, Ruby was battling not feeling good. This I noticed because she kept having these burst of energy followed by looking sleepy and then coming to me and putting her head on my knee while I sat on the couch. Nap time was easy for her and she slept for 4 hrs. H had fun playing with playdoh and kinetic sand before having lunch and taking a nap. But with H keeping himself busy I was able to clean the bathrooms, and empty an load the dishwasher. H aslo before nap wanted to read so he pulled out his BOB books and did a good job reading about two and  half of the books before he started to lose focus and it was nap time. He impresses me each day with his intelligence. In many ways I feel like he would not be so far along in his development if it were not for Agape Kid Care the daycare he was at for 3 yrs. (It sucks that they closed but the Lord has everything in his hands so the reason for why it happened makes sense).

After naps we took another walk since it was nice out and the kids got to play with some church friends down the street and then we met this guy on the way home who works on motorcycles.  I was just at a show recently downtown and seen one of his bikes. It was cool to know that he lives in the neighborhood and was nice enough to offer me assistance if I need it to work on my motorcycle.

Dinner was pizza and then after baths we watched a movie, I gave H the choice of two Wild Kratts episodes or An American Tail. He chose An American Tail and he really liked it. I was so happy to share with him a movie that I loved as kid. and then it was bed time.

Hump Day is tomorrow and the weather looks not nice to the challenge what can we do inside. I have some ideas.

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